Ka-Ching! 2 Online Poker Says It Works!

1. When a pregnant break means to FOLD.

This indication is really equivalent to the most prevalent offline indication – act weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak. This happens when your opponent pauses too long on the river and then throws, he makes a big bet.

When this happens, there is a 99.99% probability that he will defeat and defeat a lot. FOLD! You will beat this guy later.

This has become such an obvious maneuver that it is like a comic pregnant pause waiting to suck you in for a call / laugh.

2. A player is absent means ATTACK.

When you realize that a player has not been involved in a poker round dominobet, his cards fold a little too much every time the action comes to him, and he doesn’t even participate in the big blind, he is not at the table.

Enjoy and bet. This will happen at the beginning of an event and after the breaks.

If he is in the big blind, you must raise the preflop first when he is in the hijack (2 off button), cut-off, button and small blind. When he is in the small blind, assume that the big blind is weak and raises from the same points. Don’t be too reckless, but try to take advantage of this situation.

Bonus: Watch your opponents bet time.

Players tend to act at a uniform pace. When this rhythm changes, it usually has a meaning. Obviously, this could only mean that the player is evaluating his bet. But at other times it may mean that he has lost and is trying to figure out what to do.

This is not a ka-ching poker game, as there may be several reasons for this change of pace. However, sometimes you may feel that something is wrong when it happens.

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